Monday, October 31, 2016

Recruiting In Europe

John graduated from a British university with a degree in Human Re¬source Management. It was there that he met Marie, a French Erasmus student. Marie had wanted to go back home, so John had secured a job in a recruitment agency in Marseille, France.
The agency, Talent Spotting Spectrum (TSS), headquartered in Barcelona and Madrid (Spain), is a HR consulting agency specializing in the recruitment and selection of international staff and sales staff. TSS has a workforce of 25 people, led by two managers, with 19 tenured employees. The company also has four outsourced IT technicians. Last year, TSS opened the French office; next year, the company plans to open another in Turin, Italy, and then expand to other European regions where opportunities are growing.
John's first task is to write job descriptions for two generic posts, which will be opened in each new office; the descriptions are to be written in English.

The Jobs
Accounts Manager:
Analyze new business opportunities
Deliver formal business presentations
Manage a team of HR consultants
Select, interview, and present candidates to clients
HR Consultant:
Find the right person to match requirements
Maintain excellent relations with clients
Advertise job opportunities on the different TSS Web sites and find resumes that have been posted on others

4-24. Referring to the duties listed above, make a list of the compe¬tencies required for each job.
Source: Data collated by Claire Mennessier, Charlotte Morel, and Estelle Seban,

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