Monday, November 3, 2014

Human Resource Management Strategy and Analysis

The Human Resource function today continues to play an increasingly visible role in the strategic planning and management process, requiring a new level of skill and competency among HR professionals.  HR managers must develop measureable strategies that convincingly showcase HR’s impact on business performance. Successful Human Resource managers have adopted  a perspective that focuses on how their departments can play a central role in implementing the organization’s strategy.

Several important issues related to HRM Strategy and Analysis

The Strategic Management Process
       Goal-Setting and the Planning Process
       Strategic Planning
       Improving Productivity Through HRIS
       Types of Strategies
       The Top Manager’s Role in Strategic Planning
       Departmental Managers’ Strategic Planning Roles
       Department Managers’ Strategic Planning Roles in Action
Strategic Human Resource Management
       Defining Strategic HR Management
Human Resource Strategies and Policies
       Strategic Human Resource Management Tools
HR Metrics and Benchmarking
       Types of Metrics
       Improving Productivity Through HRIS
       Benchmarking in Action
       Strategy and Strategy-Based Metrics
       Workforce/Talent Analytics and Data Mining
       What are HR Audits?
       Evidence-Based HR and the Scientific Way of Doing Things
What are High-Performance Work Systems?
       High-Performance Human Resource Policies
       and Practices

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